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Residential Income Property

Residential income properties are good investments for many reasons. The main reasons are as follows:

Cash Flow: Most investors are looking for a positive cash flow that is comparable to other forms of investments, such as bonds.

Tax Benefit: Through depreciation, the investor can reduce the profit on the property for income tax purposes.

Leverage: Most investments, such as stocks and bonds, require full payment for the investment. However, with residential income properties, an investor can make a 25-30% down payment and purchase the property.

Appreciation and equity build up: An increase of property value during the ownership period is one of the investor’s goals. Appreciation can happen through a favorable market condition and through rent increase throughout the investment period.

As an owner and operator of a residential income property and with 28 years of experience in real estate, Barry can help you navigate through the search and buying process of a profitable income property investment.

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