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Property Management

The following are Barry’s quality management services:

  • Collection of monthly rent, fees, and deposits.
  • Deposit your rental proceeds directly to your account.
  • Payment of incurring operating expenses, insurance premiums, mortgage and taxes.
  • Provide monthly property financial report.
  • Plan, schedule and coordinate general maintenance, repairs and improvements.
  • Inspect property landscaping, the exterior of the property, and its facilities routinely.
  • Advertise property vacancies through the internet, MLS and on-site signage.
  • Screen all prospective tenants.
  • Meet with prospective tenants to show the property and explain terms of occupancy.
  • Prepare and review all rental agreements.
  • Yearly tenant lease evaluation for the best rental rate.
  • Serve legal notices to tenants in case of late or no payment.

Contact Barry at 949-244-9722 or at bghassemi(at)CalProProperties(dotted)com for a management quote.

Barry is committed to maximizing the value of your property.

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